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Women's Health

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River Valley Primary Care Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality female healthcare services to all women in Arkansas, regardless of their ability to pay. River Valley Primary Care Services believes it is so important for women to receive female health care screenings, such as Pap Smear Testing and clinical breast exams, that we offer fee discount programs. Our caring Board-Certified Physicians recommend that all women receive annual health exams, prenatal care, and prompt appointments for gynecology concerns so that healthy interventions can begin. River Valley Primary Care Services is your Health Care Home for Women’s Health.




Gynecology services are offered for females from teenagers to older adults regardless of ability to pay. The caring providers at River Valley Primary Care Services have the expertise to provide screening, diagnosis, and treatment for gynecology disorders. We also provide individualized counseling for support, education, and treatment of gynecologic concerns. From menstrual period problems, yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and endometriosis to menopause management, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts, River Valley Primary Care Services possesses the expertise that you expect, as well as the sensitivity and respect you deserve from one person to another.  If you have a gynecologic health concern, don’t wait; schedule an appointment so that healthy treatment can begin sooner, rather than later. To schedule an appointment, 

Annual Exam for Women

As your Health Care Home, River Valley Primary Care Services is dedicated to providing quality health care to the women of Arkansas regardless of their ability to pay. Because your health is our number one concern, we offer discounted fees for annual exams for women. Annual exams include Pap Smear Testing for cervical cancer, pelvic examination, and clinical breast examination for breast cancer. It is very important for women to receive these annual exams because conditions that are found and treated early sometimes have the best outcomes. Your annual exam is a good time for you to discuss your health concerns with your doctor. It can be helpful to write down a list of your symptoms or problems and bring the list with you to your visit. To schedule your annual exam, call River Valley Primary Care Services, 

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care is so important both before and during pregnancy. Prenatal examinations can detect problems early and help prevent difficulties for both mother and baby. Our doctors will make sure you receive the right tests and have the correct vitamins that you need to get you and your baby off to a great start! If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, suspect that you are pregnant, or are pregnant; please contact us for prenatal care services. The sooner you become a patient of River Valley Primary Care Services, the sooner we can help you and your developing baby be as healthy as possible. 

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