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A healthy smile is your greeting to the world. Make sure your teeth look and function as they should with good oral health care at home and professional cleanings and checkups. The caring dentists at River Valley Primary Care Services in Ractliff  provide professional services, regardless of your ability to pay. We offer discounted fees for everything from preventative checkups, professional tooth removal (extractions) and fillings for cavities. All dental insurances are accepted including ARKids A & B; Medicare Advantage dental coverage. River Valley Primary Care Services is your Health Care Home for the dental needs of the children and adults in our community!

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care is very important for the health of your teeth and gums. The caring dental staff at River Valley Primary Care Services will professionally clean your teeth to remove damaging substances that can cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease. Our dentist will check your teeth and gums for cavities or gum disease, conditions that are best if treated sooner or later. We will recommend sealants for fluoride treatments if necessary. 

Parents, it’s never too early to teach your children about healthy tooth care. Our dental hygienists will teach your children the correct way to brush their teeth. We can recommend healthy ways to ensure that your family has bright healthy smiles for a long time! To schedule an appointment, call, River Valley Dental at (479) 431-2055 or (800) 877-7658.  We look forward to your visit!

Please visit River Valley Primary Care Services' Patient Education Library to learn more about preventative dental care.


Teeth may need to be removed or “extracted” for many reasons. A tooth that has a large cavity or infection may need to be removed. Wisdom teeth in the very back of the mouth are commonly removed. In most cases, it is better to have teeth removed by the dentist sooner than later. The caring dentists at River Valley Primary Care Services has many methods to make the tooth removal process as comfortable and relaxing as possible. River Valley Primary Care Services provides quality dental care for children and adults. Do you have a tooth that you think needs to be removed? Please don’t wait, call today to make an appointment with our dentist.

Please visit River Valley Primary Care Services' Patient Education Library to learn more about tooth extractions (tooth removal).

Full or Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can not only affect the way you look but also how you eat and talk. You may be a candidate for dentures if you have missing teeth or have lost all of your teeth. Many people need dentures following severe tooth decay or gum disease. Dentures come in top and bottom pieces that are removable for cleaning. You can receive professional natural looking dentures from the dentists at River Valley Primary Care Services. Have you been thinking about getting dentures? To schedule an appointment, call River Valley Dental at (479) 431-2055 or (800) 877-7658.

Please visit River Valley Primary Care Specialists’ Patient Education Library to learn more about full or partial dentures.


Do you have a missing tooth? A false tooth called a dental bridge can complete your smile and improve the function of your teeth. There are many different types of bridges and our dentists can help determine the right one for you. Don’t let lack of finances stop you from receiving dental care. River Valley Primary Care Specialists offers discounted fees to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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